Your website doesn't have to outrun the bear.
It has to outrun the competition.

Pretty much everyone who considers doing business with you will visit your website first. Then they will visit your competitor's.

And that's very good news, for one of you.

In that moment, your business has a chance to stand out, to be heard, to answer questions before your competitor does. But that is a whole new skill set. You have to make your case. Explain why YOUR product is the right choice.

It's one of the few things you control.

There is a reason every large company in the world spends a fortune on this, over and over, every year. It works. But, according to the last census, 99.7% of America's businesses have less than 500 employees. They don't have a fortune to throw at the problem. Nor should they.

What do the successful ones do? They get help from someone with experience. You should too. I hope it's me, but pick someone. I don't know your business, but I know conversion rates, I know coding, and I know what works and what doesn't.

Most websites are ignored. Most new businesses fail. Business is not like school. There are tests everyday.

I build and maintain websites that sell products and offer support. Some sell locally, some globally. Some represent non-profits. I am proud that they count on me for answers as the world and the internet changes daily.

Let's talk. See if I'm the right guy for your website.

Click here. Tell me.


Potential customers will start with your website. "You only get one chance to make a first impression".


Let people know up front what is great about your business and your services. Show them you are the right choice.


Answer questions before your competition gets the chance. People come back to those who can truly help them.

What People Say:

"I highly recommend Derrick Kirkman as a website builder.

My site is easy to update and easy to operate. My customers love it for its ease of use.

It is the complete solution my business was looking for."

Mike Carroll
Carolina Iron LLC

contact at everywhereisgood dot com
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Climax, NC